Saturday, January 1, 2022

 Confirmation # 10

Signs from this Amazing Blog

We know through out the book of Revelation, God has used the number 7 over 50 times. We also know the prophecy of Daniel ch 9, describing weeks (7s) of years to Christ’s first coming. Well, number signs surrounding this special blog, provoked me to do some more research and what I found was quite the stir. Before we get into those number signs, there were some strong #22 signs that came up with this blog. This happenstance, in the snapped pic, 22 views the 1st day of this blog and 22 more views the day after when I snapped this pic, was hard to ignore.

After a day of this blog promoted, I was surfing online at 3 am and caught this next happenstance, the 222 views.


Man this gets even freakier. Here is a countdown God has marked in significant biblical number, marked weeks. This one was discovered the day after I published this blog. That date published was December 29, 2021. From that date, to October 5th, 2022, winds up being exactly 40 weeks. 40 is a highly significant biblical number.

I did a research to see what other weekly markers of the 7s were surrounding the 2 dates God has given me, the 9/12 & 10/5, 2022 dates, and with significant biblical numbers, I found God marking each one with a sign. Here they are…

ALL of these markers are exact times!

(within a 24 hr variable)

1. In Sign #15, March 22, 2021 (lotto billboard sign of the 22s) to Sept 12, 2022, is 77 weeks

2. Book release on 5/11/21 to 9/12/22,
    is 70 weeks

3. 8/22/21 to 9/12/22 is 55 weeks, and would you look at these pics I snapped of my odometer. Quite fascinating that God would have me snap these odometer pics back on August 22, long before I researched this. What synchronicity! Those are crazy number alignments!

4. 10/5/21 (1 year anniversary ahead) to 9/12/22 is 49 weeks

4. This blog, created on December 29, to 10/5/22, is 40 weeks.

5. 5/5/22 to October 5th is 22 weeks – 55+22=77, on watch for more

These numbers signs are fascinating and were hard to ignore. This set of signs deserves to be listed as a Confirmation. Such synchronicities are not the only ones I’ve been getting. Here’s a really good one on the day I created this December 29 blog, to add to the other 22 signs on that day.

Just over the top God lead synchronicities!

It was not 11, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, or 99.
It was the 22s, and 222s for 2022

As the scriptures say, It is he who works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure > Phil 2:13

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways …> Psalms 91:11

Praise God for his Holy Spirit and the Angels at work in us and among us, all thru the precious blood of Jesus!!! Give him Praise!!!